Larry's Blog

Logan Henry is a retired Texas lawyer. He is an avid reader, hunter, sportsman, farmer-stockman, historian, amateur poet and a Christian believer; a husband, father and grandfather; a former athlete, military officer and enlisted man with great respect for our armed forces. He has loved beautiful English from childhood.

He has traveled extensively, but, remains quite content at home. He has written for years, but, only began to write for publication after retirement. He has, without imitation, to the best of his ability, brought into his writing the beauty of expression he always loved in literature. He believes that a story should entertain and inspire. His earnest desire is that the reader be absorbed, challenged, enamored, exhilarated and transported.

Time’s Chariot tells of a man turning 80 who is faced with an insane attempt to kill him. Simultaneously he discovers his developing love of a winsome woman who joins his life. Parts of his past are revealed as he relives portions as a WWII Marine Corps sniper, a boy influenced by a giant African American man, and a recurring image of a Japanese soldier framed in a telescopic sight. The family that molded him, the women he loved and his boyhood home form parts of the story. He struggles with the decisions that confront him as his life is increasingly threatened. In his final act of defense he employs a fifty caliber rifle and agonizes over its use. He and Grace face an uncertain future with joy from having one another.